Best Mini Kegerators in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

During the hot summer months, it becomes habitual for us to pop open a can of beer to beat the heat.

As summer months go, you have a lot of people over for brunches and parties and for general hangout purposes, and so you would want everyone to get along and have a general feeling of companionship; alcohol helps with that.

Which is why we find our fridges stocked with packs and packs of beer and they all run out so quickly that you need to make a trip a day to the supermarket just to buy beer.

All of that sounds like a hassle, doesn’t it? Well, the best way to combat that is to bring home a mini kegerator for yourself.

Kegerators are small, beer cooling and dispensing devices that you can buy for your home so that you never run out of beer for yourself or your guests.

They have taps attached to them to dispense the beer and use the same technology as a refrigerator to keep your beer cool.

Comparison Table

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1. Krups Hopsy The SUB Home Draft Beer

Krups delivers an affordable, and small kegerator for those who do not want to go through the hassle of installing a bigger one.

It provides fresh, chilled carbonated beer that stays carbonated for up to 2 weeks after it is tapped. 

Hopsy brings you a new selection of beer regularly so you don’t need to worry about being stuck with a single beer flavor.

2. Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser, Black

Another small machine with a lot of power, the Fizzics Waytap runs on 4 AA batteries and requires no additional carbon dioxide or nitrogen tanks, which means that it uses sound waves to tap the beer which tastes as good as freshly poured craft beer.

3. GrowlerWerks uKeg

One of the best mini kegerators on the market, GrowlerWerks brought its A-game with this one.

Keeping your beer chilled with vacuum covered stainless steel, it is a portable object that can keep your beer fresh and cold for a long time.

You also need to add a carbon dioxide cartridge in it to keep the beer carbonated, and change pressure levels depending on your personal taste. It also has a measuring glass to see if you’ve run out of beer.

It also has a copper finish on the outside, making it look like a tradition growler.

4. Krups and Heineken B100 BeerTender

Krups and Heineken joined their forces to bring to you the B100 BeerTender. It works exclusively with mini kegs including the titles of Heineken, Heineken Premium Light, and Newcastle Brown Ale.

The machine keeps your beer at an optimal temperature of 37.4F and with its Peltier Cooling System, it makes no noise. The beer that is tapped stays fresh for 30 days after tapping.

An LED temperature indicator, drip tray, 5 draught tubes are also included.

5. EdgeStar KC1500SS

Working with both AC and DC compatibility, the EdgeStar is easy to use and portable as well. It keeps your beer at a temperature between 38 and 54F. It works with a 5-litre mini keg, with Heineken kegs working the best.

6. Home Brew Ohio Mini-Keg

Working with both AC and DC compatibility, the EdgeStar is easy to use and portable as well. It keeps your beer at a temperature between 38 and 54F. It works with a 5-litre mini keg, with Heineken kegs working the best.

7. SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator

Holding 5-liter mini kegs, with, again, the Heineken mini kegs working best, this mini kegerator stores your beer at a temperature between 32 and 39F and keeps it fresh for 30 days.

It also keeps your beer chilled for 19-21 hours, so you do not have to worry about having a lukewarm beer at the end of a long day.

8. NutriChef Stainless Steel Mini Keg

This attractive mini Kegerator keeps your beer carbonated, and vacuum pressured, keeping it fresh for 2 months.

It has a 64 ounce capacity with a screw on lid for dispensing, making it a perfect fit for parties. It also has a gauge to monitor the pressure at which the beer is contained.

Best Mini Kegerators - Buying Guide

Why Use Kegerators

There are a lot of different reasons to buy kegerators instead of stocking bundles of beer cans and bottles in your fridge. Here are a few of the main reasons-

1. Money Saver - Buying pints of beer regularly can quickly drill a hole in your pocket. And like most things, buying beer in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying individual containers. When you pay for a keg of beer upfront it may seem like a lot of money but when you calculate the cost of each pint, you’ll soon find out that you’re saving a lot of money by buying in bulk!

2. Environmental Impact - As the summer goes on and the parties rage on, you’ll find that there is a lot of waste being accumulated because of all the alcohol people are drinking. From cans to bottles, all of this waste goes into landfills and then into the ocean, polluting the environment even further. On the other hand, a keg is reusable and so are the glasses you serve the beer in, making it a great fit for the environmentally conscious.

3. Temperature - Any regular beer drinker knows that the temperature at which a pint of beer is consumed makes or breaks the taste of it. If it’s too cold then you won’t be able to taste anything and on the other hand, warm beer is almost undrinkable. This is why kegerators come with the feature of controlling the temperature of the beer. The cold temperature also makes the beer last longer and if stored in the right conditions, a keg can last as long as 3-4 months.

Buying Factors

There’s no point shelling out a ton of money to buy something that doesn’t fit your needs exactly. Kegerators come in many different shapes and sizes and hence there are many options to choose from and many factors to consider before you buy yourself a kegerator. Here are a few of the main factors you should consider before buying a kegerator-

1. Size - Any product is only as valuable as it is functional. This rings true with kegerators as well. After all, what’s the point of a kegerator if you don’t have space in your home to store one? This is why considering the size is such an important thing. Kegerators come in a range of sizes, from mini kegerators for people who don’t want to spend a lot to full-sized ones for beer enthusiasts.

2. Price - Something that we’re all concerned about when buying any new product is the price of the product. Kegerators don’t come cheap. When you add in the additional costs of electricity and the actual beer you will need to stock the kegerator with, the costs end up even higher.

Mini kegerators are priced around $150-$200 while big, full-sized kegerators come in at around $1500. On average, a good, medium-sized kegerator comes around $400-$500 which is what most people end up spending on kegerators.

3. Tap Configuration - Although kegerators come in a variety of tap configurations, such as the single tap and the triple tap, the one that is the most popular is the double tap configuration. It is important to select a tap configuration based on your prospective usage of the kegerator.

If you’re planning on using them for parties it would be wise to get the three tap configuration so that multiple people can get refills at the same time and that you can use different beer brand kegs for different taps if you’re looking for variety. 

If, on the other hand, you plan on getting a kegerator only for yourself and you have a specific beer brand that you prefer to drink, getting a single tap kegerator would be a better choice.