Looking into the different cuisines found in the market, it is evident that perhaps Chinese Food is among the favorites of the individuals. Why not, when it indeed come in a variety of spices that retain subliminally in one’s mind. It makes the food not only flavorful but unforgettable also for your palate.It also proves the rich culture and heritage of the country it originates from –China. You just can’t get enough of this dish with their intricate recipe that makes use of different ingredients that harmonize together to create one sumptuous feast. This is the reason why it is safe to say that many cities in the United States cannot go without it. It has already been a part of their regular dishes that fuel them whenever they need the boost.

Coming to the Mission Chinese Food Merch here in New York, we can offer you a lot more. In fact, the drive from your garage door in Henderson will be worth it because definitely, this place will give you the right energy that you need. The noodles we offer alone are simply the best. They come in different varieties that people come here for again and again. We also have the world-famous briskets which will uplift your spirit no matter how down you are feeling at the time you enter the threshold to our restaurant.If that is not enough for you, there are different types of dim sum too and rice meals. There are more dishes for you to choose from. The best thing about us is that our recipe is authentic and it is really a family secret that has been handed down from generations before us. Every generation has their own contribution which makes the recipe more unique and more favorable to the customers. Coming to our restaurant will indeed be a good experience for you.

There are so many things to look forward to when it comes to Mission Chinese Food Merch. Food is just one of those. But there is the restaurant itself too and the service. Our staff here will definitely disappoint. In fact, they will provide you the best service upon coming to the place. Have the chance to pick your fortune cookie every time you come to our place. This is free for all as you wait for the food to be served. Do not forget to request for a hot tea as well. The teas that we serve are made from scratch so you will definitely enjoy every flavor that you pick.

Here at Mission Chinese Food Merch, there is no way that you will easily get used to the dishes that we offer. We only offer here fresh food so expect that some dishes to be available only on selected seasons. Do not worry because there are always new dishes to look forward to. Want to have food to go? Then you can do that too. Just
call us so we can prepare your food right away. You can order through email or by adding items on your cart through this website.