Delonghi EC702 Review for 2020 – Buying Guide

DeLonghi EC702 Review

A true espresso lover only knows the unique taste made from elusive De’Longhi Espresso Machine.

Coffee lovers initially would have tried the coffee makers from the basic models such as drip filters, milk frothers and etc, but you can soon see them browsing through webshop to find a full-on espresso machines which are pod friendly.

It’s not necessary that every time the best espresso maker should be the costliest. There are some good espressos out in the market for less than 100 dollars. The Delonghi ec702 Stainless steel Pump Espresso Machine us the best of the sub 100-dollar category which is easy-to-use make and have the best tasting espresso.

Its basic machine does all the brewing and steaming, it has great Italian design as its brand has its household in Italy.

By buying Delonghi ec702, you can save the cost incurred to buy own grinder and milk frothing pitcher. Whether you buy extra accessories or not, Delonghi ec702 is still affordable. Delonghi delivers a real espresso machine that has self priming function, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of prepping the machine.

Delonghi's espresso machines are built to last with a sturdy stainless-steel case, among them EC702 stands out from the rest as it features a pressurized portafilter and is pod friendly. These pod compatible Delonghi EC702 reviews shows that they allow the user to easily pull espresso shots with no much fuss. One can create their favourite latte and cappuccino drinks with the top-quality milk frother system.

 EC702 is the finest machine for the price at which it comes and has excellent features.


Here is a espresso machine that enhances the outlook of your kitchen. Delonghi EC702 has robust stainless-steel boiler weighing about 11.10lbs and comes with a dimension of 11.25"x8.19"x12.50, which is so compact that it can be placed in any corner of your kitchen as you will not have to move it frequently.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal

Distinct Features

The De’Longhi EC702 comprises of three in one filter holder which you can use to make a single shot or double shot espresso. It also features a easy to serve and user friendly pod which you can use according to your preference.

You can test your skills with Delonghi EC702 as they can be used with both ground coffee and coffee pods. Their porta filters allow you to customise the coffee according to your taste. If you are about the kind of beans to be used, the pressure that needs to be applied for tamping and want a specific texture, then you can use respective filter options.

On a busy day, you have an option to use other filters with ground coffee to quickly grab your cup of espresso.

Self Priming

With Delonghi EC 702, you no longer have to wait for the boiler to reach the required temperature for you to start brewing your coffee because its self priming feature. You just have to push the "preheat" button for a quick heating process and grab a tasty cup at the earliest.

Water Container

Delonghi EC 702 has a detachable water tank that can hold 44 ounces of water. This feature allows you to fill the machine one time and make numerous cups of espressos and you do not have to refill the water every time you make espresso. You can remove the tank easily from the side, without moving the machine.


It also features an indicator that tells you if the water level dips and a refilling is required.


For someone who loves rich creamy froth cappuccino, then the reviewers say ec702 is the machine to go for. It takes less than a minute to mix the stem and milk to create a rich and textured froth cappuccino.

Dual Temperature Thermostat

This feature in EC 702 allows you to control the water and steam temperatures separately. one can be sure that they can brew their coffee at the perfect temperature every time they make an espresso and thus offer a consistent reliable feature.

Pros & Cons

Even though, pump Espresso Maker are top players in coffee making industries, there are few disadvantages too.

The machine can be easily cleaned as the drip tray is removable. Even though the drip tray collects lot of drips and poured out coffee grounds, it can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. You can just use a damp cloth to wipe the stainless-steel body to make it shine as new.

While the pump espresso maker can be used un-interruptedly, without having to wait for them to cool down, they might be more complicated if the pressure is not adjusted properly, a high-pressure result in bitter espresso shots.

You will have to descale it after around 200 cups and you can use the instruction manual to efficiently carry on with the descaling process.

Another advantage of pump espresso is that they always have consistent temperature. This means that you will get the best tasting shot at any and all point of time.

Standing out from the other models, EC 207 has a cup warmer that gets actively heated to enhance your espresso taste when you use a cup that is warmed passively. The cup clearance is an added advantage to the user.

Creating pressure and adjusting it until you get the best quality espresso comes only by practice and this might not help beginners.

A perfect amount of pressure creates the mysterious cream, taste of which will last long in your mind.

For people who want to host a big breakfast party might have to keep their guests waiting to offer espresso continuously as the machine cannot deliver shot after shot quickly.

One of the reviewing company reviews ec702 to have hassles while cleaning because ec702 lacks solenoid valve which may mess the pucks and make it difficult to clean.

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Many have said that the plastic tamper does not function well, and they had to invest in an extra steel tamper.

Many customers review Delonghi ec702 as the best Espresso Machine, which is affordable home machine. Delonghi has improved the features in ec702 with impressive features that keep things easy and while enhancing your espresso and cappuccino taste.

 One needs to identify the machine manufactured by a reputed company like De'longhi. They are best for long-term use which uses its cutting-edge technology and put up in the market for sale at a reasonable price.