Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Review – MCIM22SV

Here’s the deal:

If you need a best sonic ice maker then come let’s check out the brand new model of Magic Chef MCIM22SV Ice Maker.

Product Details from Amazon:

  • 27lb Cараcitу
  • Mаkеѕ Icе In Aѕ Littlе Aѕ 7 Min
  • Mаkеѕ 9 Icе Cubеѕ Pеr 1 Cуclе
  • Chоicе Of 2 Icе Cubе Sizеѕ
  • Mаkеѕ Uр Tо 27lbѕ Of Icе 24 Hоurѕ

What’s the real story?

One of the formerly designed Ice Maker with a capacity of 27lb that is capable of making ice in less than 7 minutes. Manufacturers have added 1 cycle of ice cube holders that can suitably hold 9 cubes at a time. Users can even make one ice cube similar to two ice cubes size.

That’s not all.

The best part is that the ice making procedure simply requires 24 hours time! Isn’t it AMAZING?

How can you actually use this portable ice maker?


  • Major positivity lies in its one cycle of 9 ice cube holders.
  • Users get an effective ice maker with 27lbs capacity for making ice cubes within 24 hours schedule. But some of the ice could be made even in short time of 7 minutes especially in the case of emergencies.
  • Fastest speed model Ice Maker with the lowest cost.
  • A fascinating beauty lies in its small unit size.


  • Apart from its vast positivity’s even some people found this Ice Maker to be quite noisy at times. In the case of Ice Maker some people demand a side by freezer for extra storage, probably which is not provided. Ice turns out to be a little wet but after immediate dropping to the freezer makes it fine.

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Why does this ice maker matter?

Thus the manufacturing of this Magic Chef MCIM22SV ice maker is done simply for users who prefer Ice Maker of smaller size. This mini ice maker comes placed within cooler that helps in manufacturing ice cubes faster.

In fact, this piece can be easily handled by other family members too.